Sunday, December 21, 2008

Neglected Nostalgia

The holiday season is here and whether your consumerism is hindered by the economic crisis or not, the pestering advertisements and commercials will continue to flood our daily lives.  This year, New Hampshirites suffered in darkness from an ice storm that knocked down trees, snapped power lines, and ultimately repressed the holiday nostalgia we welcome each year.  Oddly enough, my house maintained power and transformed into a pilgrimage site with crowds of people and families traveling across town to see the light.  Camping out for days, individuals took to concocting feasts in our kitchen, laundering clothes, and sleeping wherever a bed and pillow presented itself vacant.  In times of emergency, like the present blackout, it is easy to get depressed and fall into a funk.  Accompany the latter feelings with impending holiday stress and the fragile economy and there is chaos.  Fortunately, with everyone problem there is a solution.  In this case, nothing a few laughs and bottles of wine cannot do to mend a morose mind.  
Happy Holidays.